If you need to define us, we are a digital and creative healthcare communications agency. In a connected world we are fueled by improving the customer experience within the pharmaceutical industry, our desire is to drive the improvement and innovation of the customer experience, so that is why defining us is difficult. We are many things to many clients. We are a work in progress but we have talent and a team that will drive your customer experience forward.

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CX Academy

At COUCH, we understand the challenges you face in pharma. But we also know you don't just want to be told what to do. Our CX academy is a training and capabilities service that helps your brand teams to create engagement. The aim is to enable brand teams to design and implement a customer experience strategy carefully crafted for their unique objectives.

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Customer Experience

CX is about mapping out the stages of your customer’s journey, and supporting your customer with communications that are relevant, authentic and valuable. It’s about understanding their attitudes and behaviours so you can respond appropriately every step of the way. It’s about establishing, strengthening, and nurturing your on-going relationship.

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We are unique and gifted at what we do and we want to share our thinking with you. On our blog, we’re able to share the thoughts that run through our minds. Join us to think out loud, talk COUCH sense and hear the voices coming back.

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Meet the Team

Situated in the midst of Manchester, our satisfied clients are based around the world. COUCH was founded in 2013, and as rewarding as our start-up journey has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about. Each member of our team is here not only because they're ridiculously talented, but also because they love what they do.

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