We recently had an epiphany. A revelation, if you will. An apocalypse of sorts! OK, that's enough. Where were we? Oh yes! We had an epiphany, about content. We believe that when pharma need to engage with customers and gain their trust, content really is the key. By focusing on customer experience and identifying customer needs via multichannel platforms, pharma can gain trust and cement working relationships.

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Healthcare Communications Agency UK

CX Academy

At COUCH, we understand the challenges you face in pharma. But we also know you don't just want to be told what to do. Our CX academy is a training and capabilities service that helps your brand teams to create engagement. The aim is to enable your brand teams to design and implement a customer experience strategy carefully crafted to your unique business objectives.

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Customer Experience

CX is about mapping out the stages of your customer’s journey, and supporting your customer with communications that are relevant, authentic and valuable. It’s about understanding their attitudes and behaviours so you can respond appropriately every step of the way. That is why, we at COUCH focus on the customer experience and our strategies are all underpinned by customer behaviour research.

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We are unique and gifted at what we do and we want to share our thinking with you. On our blog, we’re able to share the thoughts that run through our minds. Join us to think out loud, talk COUCH sense and hear the voices coming back. Our blog covers areas such as multichannel marketing, content marketing and customer experience principles, specifically for the pharma industry. Can we say its the go to blog for quality content? Ah well, we just did.

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Meet the Team

We Are COUCH, pharma customer experience agency

It's no secret that agencies are all about people. All agencies need a mix of skillsets in the team, and having the right blend of talents to fit the client lifecycle is hugely important towards to delivering success. In order to attract and retain the best people, we focus on company culture. We work tirelessly to maintain an environment where people can thrive. We have instilled a deep-rooted pursuit of excellence - where every member of our team takes pride in their work and strives to deliver beyond expectations.

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