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12/12/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

How can we ensure health information meets patient needs?

  Healthcare information material is everywhere. In GP surgery waiting rooms, pharmacies, local hospitals, ...

Topics: Patient Centricity, Health Literacy, Patient Support Materials

07/12/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Promoting health literacy through stories

  Health literacy among patients has a tremendous impact on health outcomes, but a deluge of scientific data ...

Topics: Storytelling, Patient Centricity, Health Literacy

05/12/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

5 ways gamification improves health literacy

  Gamification involves taking an already existing application, website, or online community and employing ...

Topics: Patient Centricity, Gamification, Health Literacy, Patient Support Materials

30/11/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

What are pharma doing to improve health literacy?

  Research has shown that levels of health literacy are low in the UK population. Around 40% of UK citizens ...

Topics: Patient Centricity, Health Literacy

28/11/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

The lowdown on clinical trial summaries for the public

  The new clinical trials Regulation (EU 536/2014) came into effect in May 2016. The new regulation provides ...

Topics: Health Literacy, Clinical Trials

23/11/17 07:30 Dr Nicola Davies

Health literacy and tech literacy: Where the two converge

  In the quest to ensure a globally healthier population, government agencies, pharma, and health ...

Topics: Health Literacy

21/11/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Best practices for using patient information materials

  Even when creators of patient information materials have closely followed all the guidelines and ...

Topics: Patient Centricity, Health Literacy, Patient Support Materials

16/11/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

How to make patient support materials stick

  Patient support materials always have the best intentions: to help patients understand the conditions or ...

Topics: Health Literacy, Patient Support Materials

14/11/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

How to write easy-to-read patient support materials

  Low health literacy is a massive problem in the UK, Europe and United States. The medical community in ...

Topics: Health Literacy, Patient Support Materials