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24/09/15 09:00 Ash Rishi

Powering behaviour change with human insights

Coming from a neuroscience research background, I always find the psychology behind human behaviours ...

Topics: Brand Strategy

22/09/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Understanding the patient journey to increase engagement

People are becoming better educated about their own health conditions, and are playing an ever-increasing ...

Topics: Patient Journey, COUCH White Papers

21/09/15 08:30 Katie Rishi

Mapping patient journeys: The Alzheimer’s disease journey

September 2015 marks the fourth global Worlds Alzheimer’s month, the international campaign that raises ...

Topics: Patient Journey

17/09/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

The 7 golden rules of pharma content marketing

Rules are meant to be broken, right? Wrong! As with other business disciplines applied in the pharmaceutical ...

Topics: Content Marketing

15/09/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Brand planning 2016: Exploring the role of behaviour and adherence

I am sure you are in the midst of brand planning for 2016, or maybe plans have already been submitted, ...

Topics: Adherence, Brand Strategy

10/09/15 08:30 Katie Rishi

Once upon a time: Improving health outcomes through storytelling

Storytelling is a one of the most powerful communication tools we possess, especially in healthcare ...

Topics: Storytelling, Adherence

08/09/15 10:59 Ash Rishi

Healthcare brand strategy: How to appeal to your customers’ hearts

To make your healthcare brand strategy stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, you need to appeal ...

Topics: COUCH White Papers

08/09/15 10:48 Ash Rishi

COUCH medical communications continues to evolve with new identity

Manchester-based medcomms agency, COUCH, celebrates its second birthday with an exciting brand relaunch and ...

Topics: COUCH News