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27/10/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Generating patient insights using co-design

People are becoming better educated about their own health conditions, and are playing an ever-increasing ...

Topics: Patient Journey, Brand Strategy, Behaviour Change

22/10/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Multichannel marketing: Eliminate the fear

As we hit pharma conference season, the same messages seem to be coming out from the organisers and sponsors, ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing

20/10/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Understanding the mind: Shifting from product to patient centricity

The times they are a-changing. Our industry is transforming in front our very eyes, patients are taking ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Patient Journey, Brand Strategy

15/10/15 08:30 Katie Rishi

Being a voice for good: health awareness on the Internet

I was recently reminded about the power of the Internet and the irrational voices in my head. On my journey ...

Topics: Patient Journey, Content Marketing

13/10/15 08:30 Ash Rishi

Pharma brand planning: Ask the right questions

Like every year, thousands of you will be spending time in meetings discussing, crafting and showcasing your ...

Topics: Brand Strategy

12/10/15 11:20 Ash Rishi

Discover the steps for successful multichannel marketing

Is your multichannel marketing (MCM) visible?

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, COUCH White Papers

06/10/15 09:00 Ash Rishi

Who in the NHS needs to hear your “brand value proposition”?

You would be hard pushed not to notice that things are changing. Gone are the days when using a sales team to ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Patient Journey, Brand Strategy

05/10/15 14:41 Katie Rishi

Health talk: Why storytelling should be your new weapon

Once upon a time… pharma companies everywhere were becoming frustrated with producing marketing that was ...

Topics: Storytelling, COUCH White Papers