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28/04/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

Mapping content strategies to pharma lifecycle management

In these tough economic times, we should be ramping up our pharma lifecycle management (LCM) strategies. ...

Topics: Content Marketing

26/04/16 09:00 Ash Rishi

Get management buy-in for pharma content marketing

Pharma content marketing is still fairly new in the scheme of things for the pharma industry.  In the ...

Topics: Content Marketing

21/04/16 13:40 Ash Rishi

A dame to prescribe for: An HCPs story

Its digital storytelling time... We love digital storytelling, here at COUCH. So we wrote a series of short ...

Topics: Storytelling, Content Marketing

20/04/16 08:30 Ash Rishi

How to develop an effective pharma content marketing strategy

Healthcare professionals (HCPs), payers and patients are all using internet as a means of engagement with ...

Topics: Content Marketing

19/04/16 08:30 Katie Rishi

How to build a trusted brand through pharma content marketing

Trust is important. In fact, it’s vital if you’re to succeed in the modern business environment. Without it, ...
14/04/16 11:43 Ash Rishi

Why measuring emotion is vital for the pharma customer experience

When writing about the pharma customer experience, we have often spoken of the benefits insight-driven ...