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28/06/16 08:00 Katie Rishi

Building understanding: A day in the life of a GP

  While recently researching for our new white paper (HCP voice, access and engagement), we shadowed and ...

Topics: HCP engagement

23/06/16 10:47 Katie Rishi

The need for robust social marketing in healthcare

  Let’s cast our minds back 30 years. There’s no internet or mobile phones (well, no practical ones, anyway), ...

Topics: NHS

21/06/16 08:00 Katie Rishi

HCP engagement: Blending accessibility with reliability

    The term Digital Native was coined by education consultant Marc Prensky in 2001, and refers to those born ...

Topics: HCP engagement

16/06/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

How to access and engage with HCPs effectively

  Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are not just a group of individuals who happen to have chosen the same ...

Topics: HCP engagement

14/06/16 08:00 Katie Rishi

Why the pharma customer journey starts with content

  For any company – regardless of industry and location – a huge mistake is to think a marketing strategy is ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Content Marketing, HCP engagement

09/06/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

Engaging content is all about emotion

  During a recent conversation with a prospective client, I was asked “what is engaging content?”. My initial ...

Topics: Content Marketing

07/06/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

Spotlight On... The Pharma Customer Experience

  When it comes to marketing for Pharma, there’s so much to investigate, learn and discuss. Here at COUCH, ...

Topics: Customer Experience

06/06/16 08:30 Ash Rishi

A gift fit for a King: The COUCH story

  In honour of #Medcomms Day 2016, taking place on 8 June 2016, we thought we would share you a story about ...

Topics: COUCH News

02/06/16 08:50 Katie Rishi

5 steps to a smart key opinion leader (KOL) strategy

For a pharmaceutical company, the backing of a key opinion leader (KOL) is essential to give their products ...

Topics: HCP engagement