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27/07/16 07:00 Ash Rishi

Influencing behaviour change: Look beyond market research

  When it comes HCP engagement strategies, marketing gives us all manner of methods, to influence behaviour ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Strategy, HCP engagement

20/07/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

How creating personas improves the pharma customer journey

  In marketing of any kind, it is essential to know who your target customers are before any message is ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Strategy, HCP engagement

14/07/16 07:12 Dr Nicola Davies

"Are you there when I need you?" - Delivering on what matters to patients

  In the book, ‘The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company,’ authors Bill ...

Topics: Patient Journey

13/07/16 10:17 Katie Rishi

Why we need to bring empathy back into medical communications

    Although empathy with customers is essential in every industry, it is especially true in healthcare. This ...

Topics: Storytelling, Patient Journey

05/07/16 16:43 Ash Rishi

Spotlight On... Patient insights

We’ve dedicated the second edition of our new e-zine, Spotlight On… to discussing how pharma can make ...

Topics: Patient Journey, Brand Strategy, Behaviour Change, Patient Centricity