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27/10/16 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Digital storytelling means building the story around data

  As with most other industries, the pharma industry is at present enjoying a great wealth of ...

Topics: Storytelling, HCP engagement

25/10/16 06:00 COUCH Medcomms

Spotlight on... Pharma content marketing

  For the third edition of Spotlight On… we’re discussing the intricacies of content marketing. As one of our ...

Topics: Storytelling, Multichannel Marketing, Content Marketing, HCP engagement

20/10/16 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Revisiting Instagram as a pharma marketing tool

  Believe it or not – Instagram, is currently one of the most effective pharma marketing tools around.

Topics: Storytelling, Multichannel Marketing, Content Marketing, HCP engagement

18/10/16 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Healthcare email marketing: How to choose subject lines that work

-- There are many ways to get ahead in healthcare email marketing. However for this post, we’d like to focus ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, Content Marketing, HCP engagement, Medical Communications

13/10/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

Health literacy: Why patient information leaflets need improvement

  Let’s begin with a question. When it comes to assembling flat-pack furniture, are you an ‘instruction ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Patient Centricity, Medical Communications

11/10/16 07:30 Katie Rishi

Why pharma marketing must begin with benefits

  Facts, evidence and content. There’s so much of it around nowadays that you’d be right to think you can’t ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Multichannel Marketing, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing

06/10/16 08:00 Suzanne Elvidge

Why are therapies failing to reach patients in Europe?

    In an ideal world, the approval of a drug should automatically mean the ability to market it using a ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Patient Centricity, Market Access

04/10/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

Influencing behaviour change: Understanding human behaviour

    It’s a well-established truth, perhaps even to the point of cliché, that as human beings we are a product ...

Topics: Adherence, Behaviour Change