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28/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Health psychology: Time to ditch the term ‘patient’?

  In health psychology, relatively small changes in approach and attitudes towards patients can often have a ...

Topics: Behaviour Change, Health Psychology

23/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Making user experience the driving force in pharma

  Every few years, it seems, a new revolution takes over the business world. Like a coup, it’s often a fait ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Behaviour Change, User Experience

21/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Designing patient education programmes for MOOCs

  Effective patient education programmes are vital. HCPs, pharma and patients themselves all agree on this. ...

Topics: Patient Journey, Patient Centricity, Patient education

16/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Patient activation: Health behaviours and clinical outcomes


Topics: Behaviour Change

14/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Understanding key drivers behind patient centricity


Topics: Patient Journey, Patient Centricity

09/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Seeking health information online

  In case you hadn’t noticed, mobile internet use has increased dramatically in recent years. So much so, in ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Content Marketing

07/02/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

How to design digital health behaviour change initiatives

  Over the past decade or so we’ve seen an explosion of digital health care advice, providing patients with ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Patient Journey, Behaviour Change, HCP engagement

01/02/17 15:45 Dr Nicola Davies

The role of pharma in cancer survivorship

  World Cancer Day 2017 marks the second year of this three-year project. As well as building a wider ...

Topics: World Cancer Day