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29/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

The importance of the COM-B model to pharma

  Over recent years, applying pharma health psychology theories to the research and development undertaken by ...

Topics: Adherence, Behaviour Change, Health Psychology

27/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Pharma multichannel marketing trends: Responsive engagement

  The second blog in our series on pharma multichannel marketing trends looks at responsive engagement. ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing

22/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Healthcare marketing: Strategy first. Execution second.

  Developing an effective healthcare marketing strategy can often feel like a chicken and egg scenario. There ...

Topics: Brand Strategy

20/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Why health psychology should matter to pharma

  To coincide with the launch of our new white paper on the topic of health psychology, this blog will ...

Topics: Behaviour Change, Health Psychology

15/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Pharma multichannel marketing trends: Personalised and on-demand

  Our recent blog on 5 pharma multichannel marketing trends piqued a lot of interest, so we thought we would ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, HCP engagement, Medical Communications

13/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

HCP engagement: A day in the life of a nurse

  Few of us outside the health service can really understand what’s involved in the daily routine of a ...

Topics: HCP engagement

08/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Revisiting the role of pharma storytelling

  We may think of stories as being mostly fiction, but some of the most powerful stories in history tell the ...

Topics: Storytelling

06/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Should pharma consider using influencer marketing?

  HCPs, patients, trusted non-profit groups, and the occasional celebrity endorser all have one thing in ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing

01/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Spotlight On... Behaviour Change

  Behaviour change isn’t as simple as understanding risks and recommendations, then doing something about it. ...

Topics: Behaviour Change