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31/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Applying health literacy to clinical trials

  We have previously explored what health literacy is and the importance of considering health literacy when ...

Topics: Health Literacy, Clinical Trials

26/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Gamification in pharma: Challenges and solutions

  The implementation of mostly outdated marketing strategies by the pharmaceutical and life science ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, Gamification

24/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Why health communication needs storytelling

  The world is a complicated place, with technology intended to make it easy seeming to only make it more ...

Topics: Storytelling

19/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Using personas to drive patient behaviour change

  Patient behaviour change is a thorny issue in the medical community. It’s not that patients don’t ...

Topics: Behaviour Change, Patient Centricity

17/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Health literacy for patient support materials

  Take a quick look around the waiting room in any GP surgery or pharmacy and it is clear to see that health ...

Topics: Health Literacy

12/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Make your healthcare infographics work for you

  Infographics are powerful educators. They’re an easily digested, understood, and memorable visual ...

Topics: Content Marketing, Creativity

10/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Health literacy: Relevance to pharma

  In the age of easily accessible data, health literacy has proven to be a valuable resource for the ...

Topics: Health Literacy

05/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Spotlight On... Pharma Marketing

  We all know that pharma marketing is about targeting and tailoring to get the right message to the right ...

Topics: Pharma Marketing

03/10/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

The future of HCP behaviour change interventions

  Finding ways to build on and improve existing applications of behavioural theory in order to design more ...

Topics: Behaviour Change