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Ash Rishi

Ash Rishi

Ash Rishi

Ash Rishi is the Managing Director of COUCH, based in Manchester, UK. COUCH is a medical communications agency focusing on the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life sciences industry. Ash has over 10 years experience in pharma marketing and has delivered activities across UK, Europe, US, Canada and Latin America. His area of expertise include branding, communications, stakeholder development, digital learning and engagement strategies.



01/12/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

Medical communications 2017: Patient co-design

  As we enter December, our thoughts are moving towards next year, so for the month of December our blog ...

Topics: Patient Journey, Patient Centricity, Medical Communications, Medical Communications 2017 Trends

13/10/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

Health literacy: Why patient information leaflets need improvement

  Let’s begin with a question. When it comes to assembling flat-pack furniture, are you an ‘instruction ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Patient Centricity, Medical Communications

04/10/16 08:00 Ash Rishi

Influencing behaviour change: Understanding human behaviour

    It’s a well-established truth, perhaps even to the point of cliché, that as human beings we are a product ...

Topics: Adherence, Behaviour Change

29/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (V): Improving patient outcomes

  This post brings the medical communications series to a close. These series of blog posts has been a ...

Topics: Adherence, Medical Communications

27/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (IV): Improving health literacy

  Clear and timely medical communications isn’t only important when a medical crisis occurs. Long before we ...

Topics: Content Marketing, NHS, Medical Communications

22/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (III): Combats disease spread

  Continuing the importance of medical communications series, in this post we discuss how it can combat the ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, Medical Communications

20/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (II): Driving public wellness

  Previously, I wrote about how I believe medical communications improves therapy access. For this post, I ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Medical Communications

15/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (I): Improving therapy access

  I am often asked, why I started COUCH? The answer is easy, I want to improve health outcomes in my own way ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Medical Communications

06/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

Pharma as change champions

  For all industries in the business universe, a monumental shift has occurred over the last 20 years. This ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Patient Centricity