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Spotlight On... Pharma Marketing

05/10/17 07:30
COUCH Medcomms



We all know that pharma marketing is about targeting and tailoring to get the right message to the right people. We know that to do this, we need to truly understand the people we’re talking to. And traditionally, this has meant undertaking some market research. But in a time where facts and stats no longer offer the depth of insight required, we need to push beyond the limits of market research and take advantage of new ways to get under the skin of patients and HCPs.

For example, rather than using social media as a promotional tool, pharma can join in those important conversations in an environment where people feel more comfortable to talk. Not only will it help create relationships, but it will provide pharma with insight gleaned in a natural environment. Or why not target those who quickly lose interest in educating themselves on their condition with a more fun way to learn, such as a game? It could just be the way to keep their attention.

These are just two ways in which marketing tools have evolved to create new opportunities for pharma to engage more effectively, and develop more meaningful relationships. In this edition of Spotlight On… we delve deeper into these marketing tools and discuss others you need to know about.

  • Inside Spotlight On… Pharma Marketing, you will learn:
  • New ways to glean insight and data
  • What we can gain by listening to social media
  • How to use persona mapping successfully  
  • Why games can enhance healthcare education
  • How you can improve outcomes by tailoring your engagement strategies
  • And how key opinion leaders are still key to pharma

Topics: Pharma Marketing

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