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31/08/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Pharma brand planning in a digital world: What’s missing?

  In an ideal world, all pharma brand planning would yield stellar results in terms of both customer ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Strategy, HCP engagement

03/08/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

What does success look like in pharma marketing?

  Has pharma marketing gone astray? In this complex and highly demanding space, there’s evidence that not ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Pharma Marketing

04/07/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Is there a creativity problem in pharma?

  For the second time in 4 years the Cannes Health Lions jury failed to award a Grand Prix for pharma. Is ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Brand Equity, Creativity

22/06/17 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Healthcare marketing: Strategy first. Execution second.

  Developing an effective healthcare marketing strategy can often feel like a chicken and egg scenario. There ...

Topics: Brand Strategy

17/11/16 07:30 COUCH Medcomms

Health behaviour change strategies for personalised communications

  Human beings are complicated creatures when it comes to health, particularly if their wellbeing involves a ...

Topics: Multichannel Marketing, Brand Strategy, Behaviour Change

11/10/16 07:30 Katie Rishi

Why pharma marketing must begin with benefits

  Facts, evidence and content. There’s so much of it around nowadays that you’d be right to think you can’t ...

Topics: Customer Experience, Multichannel Marketing, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing

06/10/16 08:00 Suzanne Elvidge

Why are therapies failing to reach patients in Europe?

    In an ideal world, the approval of a drug should automatically mean the ability to market it using a ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Patient Centricity, Market Access

20/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (II): Driving public wellness

  Previously, I wrote about how I believe medical communications improves therapy access. For this post, I ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Medical Communications

15/09/16 07:30 Ash Rishi

The importance of medical communications (I): Improving therapy access

  I am often asked, why I started COUCH? The answer is easy, I want to improve health outcomes in my own way ...

Topics: Brand Strategy, Medical Communications