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Making health human

We are a new breed of health communications agency that
exists to improve everyone’s lives.


Why we exist

COUCH is a new breed of health communications agency that, due to a very personal experience, has at its core a mission to improve the lives of everyone. In 2002, one of our founders lost their father to prostate cancer. Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, he might still be here today. Had their father understood his own symptoms, he might still be here today.

And so we are motivated by the profound understanding that, collectively, we need to do better.

Using a combination of ‘best in class’ content creation and communication techniques, our purpose is to better educate people about anything that can save or improve lives.

We specialise in connecting with people; be that patients, healthcare professionals or communities… and our results speak for themselves.

We are human to work with because we focus on using our skills and expertise for the common good.

If you’re looking for better, let’s talk.


What we do


Taking the ‘error’ out of human error – so you’re left with smart, insightful, human-focused planning.


Speaking to the whole body; emotional, impactful, engaging.


Motivating change, provoking thought and inspiring wonder.


Keeping up with the way we evolve.

In plain terms, we deliver health information that cuts through the noise to inspire informed decisions. health information that use ‘best in class’ content creation and design.

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s the why and the how that sets us apart.


Who we are

We encourage each other to embrace the unique qualities and skills we each bring to the table. By doing so, we cultivate, curate and inspire talent, integrating diverse backgrounds to enhance and elevate our campaigns.


How we do it

We want to improve lives through better health awareness and engagement.

We won’t rest until everyone has the opportunity to lead their best life.

We start and end with the people who will use the communications we develop. We speak to them directly and plainly. We help them understand, and live happier and healthier.

We hold ourselves accountable, because its our responsibility to constantly question what we and others deliver.

We ask how can we be better? How can we do more to pioneer the change that’s so desperately needed?

Ultimately, we are humans; dedicated to producing clear communications for all humankind.


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